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Master Key Systems

Are you tired of carrying a giant ring of keys? Do you have employees who should not have access to certain areas of your facility? Master key systems allow you to have a master key that opens all doors, while sub-master and change keys only open certain doors, so employees can be given keys that only operate the doors for which they are authorized. Which means you can carry a master and get rid of that giant ring of keys!

High Security Keys and Cylinders

High-Security cylinders and keys, with features such as hardened steel pins and side bars that prevent would-be thieves from drilling, picking or bumping your locks, can keep your business safe.  Many times we can use your existing locks and simply exchange your cylinders for high-security cylinders, avoiding the cost of all new hardware. Mul-T-Lock and Schlage Primus are just a few of the brands we carry.

Rekey and Repair Existing Locks

Employees come and go. Businesses are bought and sold. Buildings change management companies. Do you REALLY know who has the keys to your business? Rekeying your existing locks can give you the peace of mind that only you and those you trust have the keys to your business, without the expense of new hardware.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic locks offer excellent security by allowing users entry only during the times YOU decide. Should a theft or other incident occur, you can check the audit log to see who entered when, as well as who tried to enter but was denied access.  Electronic systems can be simple, one point of entry locks, or they can be building-wide, multiple lock systems with a computer operating system.  They can be wired, operate via Bluetooth or via WiFi or off your phone!  Let us help you decide the right system that meets your needs and your budget.  Call us!

Superior Installation

The efficiency and longevity of your hardware is directly related to the quality of the installation.  As specialists in hardware installation, we have the jigs and templates to mortise doors and jambs of every kind – wood, aluminum storefront, metal - so your hardware is installed precisely and correctly every time. Ensure the long life of your hardware with proper installation!

Maintenance and Repairs

Commercial hardware – door closers, locks, exit devices, etc. - all need adjustment and maintenance from time to time to continue operating well. Let us tune up your hardware and keep it working smoothly!

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