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Rekey Existing Locks

Whether you've just purchased a new home and are worried about who else might have the keys or you've just discovered that every door in your house operates on a different key, we can help! Our locksmith will repin the cylinders of your existing locks so that only you have the keys AND all your locks work on the same key! (Please note, all locks must have the same keyway in order to be keyed alike.)


Cabinet Locks and Lock-Offs

If you will be renting your home and want to create a lock-off room or closet, we have the jigs and templates to prep your door and install a deadbolt to keep your belongings safe while you're away. Likewise, if you simply have things you want to keep safe or out of reach in a cabinet or two, we install cabinet locks too. From simple keyed locks, to high-security, to electronic locks, the options are endless!


Maintenance and Repair

All locks need maintenance to keep them operating properly. Avoid costly and inconvenient lockouts and lock failures with occasional maintenance. We can lubricate, replace worn out parts and have your home’s locks working beautifully in no time!


Multipoint Lock Window Doors

Many of us have them - those pesky multipoint window doors that require lifting the lever to throw the top and bottom bolts before you can lock the lock. Although they are excellent security for window doors when they are working properly, multipoint doors are notorious for needing a lot of TLC. We are your local multipoint lock specialist, so let us help you keep them working well for years to come!


Lock Repairs and Adjustments

One of the leading causes of door hardware failure is doors falling out of alignment and stressing the lock components. We can keep your locks working smoothly by ensuring your doors are aligned. If you have locks or doors that are not working properly, we can tune-up your doors and locks and often replace broken parts without having to replace entire locksets.


Electronic Locks

Electronic locks give you the ability to offer keyless entry - great for kids who might otherwise lose their keys and get locked out! Electronic locks have evolved to operate as stand-alone locks, communicate via BlueTooth or even communicate with your phone, so your ability to control your home's security can travel with you!