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Key and Fob Replacement

Lost your keys?  Don’t worry.  We’ve got the programming tools and chipped keys to get you on the road again.  We can cut and program most “Dealer Only” keys to most cars, saving you the tow fee and the time to tow your car to the dealer.

Spare keys and Fobs

If you’re down to your last key or fob, come on in to the shop and have a spare made.  Many times we can clone or program a new key or remote while you wait!


Locked your keys in the car?  Don’t panic!  We’ve got the tools and technology to get you in quickly, without scratching or damaging your vehicle.  With 24-hour service, we’re here to help, so call us at 970-328-5511.

Ignition Repairs and Replacements

Keys wear out over time, which can cause your ignition to fail.  We can repin your ignition, or replace it if necessary and get you back on the road. In addition, we can cut you a new key back to factory specifications, so your old key doesn’t ruin your new ignition.

Keys Cut to Factory Specifications

Many times when your ignition acts up, it is not actually your ignition that has a problem.  Often your key is simply too worn and needs to be cut back to factory specifications.  Let us cut your next key exactly to factory specifications with the newest key cutting technology.  We can cut and program most “Dealer Only” keys to most cars.